diary entries!

Tues. August 22nd, 2023

this is going to be a super short entry to just get this out there but so so sorry for the inactivity!! hopefully I'll have the time to work on the site more soon :)

Sat. June 22nd, 2023

not too much of an update but wanted to keep track of some of the things my partner and I will be getting soon (or already have digitally or will have at least soon-ish lol)!

Wed. July 19th, 2023

It's been so long since I've remembered to write in this!! I've been distracted overhauling my index (which I may just completely re-do lol) but a lot has happened 0: firstly I have some new things to add to my various collections because I went to a comic store! you can see those below

after that I've been meaning to mention this for awhile now but I've been working on (and this is a weird combination but hear me out) a psychological horror harvest moon fan visual novel that I may link to here if I ever finish it. it's so hard to actually write out what I'm thinking when I get to actually write it out here so I'll probably come back to this entry later.
Sat. July 8th, 2023

been working on the site on and off so I’m trying to get my thoughts together through writing this. I’m very happy with how my webmaster page is turning out!! I feel so smart figuring things out (even though it’s mostly just me looking things up online and messing around to find out lol) like how to use buttons to change iframe sources :0 as far as offsite things go though things have been a little hectic. I’m diagnosed adhd but some time has passed since that diagnosis and another member of my close family was diagnosed autistic so now we think I might be autistic but it’s hard to find anyone who is able to test that where I am. plus the last lady I went to wasn’t very nice about everything to put it simply :( the intake people already seemed pretty convinced I was on the spectrum though so who knows how things will turn out. sorry this is a big ramble lol

Wed. July 5th, 2023

it's been about a week since I've been able to post but I'm still planning on maintaining the site!! currently I'm using my partner's laptop to write this out, so I'm making things work. hopefully will have time to update more things soon :)

Thur. June 22nd, 2023

I waited until midnight in my timezone to post this to feel justified in making this a separate diary post since it feels important to not just have this be an edit to my last entry. I want to say thank you to all the people who visited my site yesterday and the kind words I recieved in my guestbook and neocities profile comments. I don't know what caused the sudden boost in attention, but I feel very welcomed and I'm so so so happy people like my site. everybody has been so kind and have such unique sites!! I love being on neocities and I hope my site reflects that. editing this to say I made a spacehey! I'll try to make a page to link it so people can contact me :) right now I'm mostly accepting friend requests from whoever but if spacehey gets too overwhelming I'll set up an email or something else because I'd love to make friends here!

Wed. June 21st, 2023

today has been an okay day so far! I slept in a bit and played some harvest moon: animal parade and are currently watching my girlfriend play the legend of zelda: twilight princess for the wii now. I really like both games. editing this a little later to post about trey clover's club wear cards! I meant to post about them before but look at them they're cute :)

Sun. June 18th, 2023

sorry I forgot to update my last entry when I said I would, and this post is going to be a bit of a ramble so I apologize for that too. maybe journaling my sadness like this isn't the best option but it's all I have. today wasn't a great day and I'm very tired. all I want to do is sleep, but I also know that won't help anything. working on the site made me happy though. it's nice to have an outlet like this. really really nice in fact. in the real world I don't have a place like this and I don't have many friends at all so I like this site. I guess that's the way it is for a lot of people who would go out of their way to make their own site though right? I hope I'm not alone in that at least. sorry this is entry is all over the place lol. writing this out has made me feel a bit better though, so if you've read this far thank you and have a nice day :)

Fri. June 16th, 2023

haven't had time to write here or update the site :( but I'm here now!! probably going to do some drawing soon, and I don't have too much to write about right now. will be back to add to this!

Mon. June 12th, 2023

at the airport right now! I have a love-hate relationship with airports to be honest, they're loud but so interesting with everything in them. it does make me feel professional in a way with my laptop out in an airport though. y'know, my laptop with my ib and pokemon stickers on it lol. one thing that's kind of annoying though is the people across from me letting out these big exaggerated gasps over whatever they're talking about. that and the blaring tiktok audios or youtube shorts or whatever which I hate more. that's the airport for you though! editing this immediately after posting to say i forgot to post my last blog entry from yesterday!! posting it now.

Sun. June 11th, 2023

traveling right now! kind of stressful to be completely honest. I wish I was better with cities... I'm also really sleepy from walking around, but my trip is only for one day so hopefully things will be okay.

Fri. June 9th, 2023

got distracted right before I was going to write this entry so I'm trying to get something down now. I'm reeeally hungry so that's about all that's on my mind. been collecting some more assets for the site though so that's exciting! I really can't wait to see it decorated even more.

Wed. June 7th, 2023

didn't get to write yesterday but per usual not much to report with that anyways. I really really really wanna do stuff with this site but I can't find the motivation rn :( and it sucks when you have so many ideas!! want to get an update out today so I'll post this entry for not but might add more later :0

Mon. June 5th, 2023

I totally forgot to update my last entry yesterday waaaah... oh well. I didn't really do much yesterday anyways so y'know what does it matter. as for today it's also been pretty mundane too. although, I have been really fixated on one fictional character today and the world decided that it'd be trey clover from disney's (tm) twisted wonderland because why not. in other news I impulsively started work on my pokemon shrine! it's been really fun to make so far!! really excited to dump all I like about the series onto the internet.
thought I was done writing but I'm actually back to write a little more like what? 5 minutes after moving on from originally writing this entry? anyways, since I brought up trey clover it made me think about how I've been considering joining the self insert webring with him but I feel almost too insecure to do that? or maybe just too awkward? I honestly don't know, but maybe one day I'll just do it lol.

Sun. June 4th, 2023

woke up really really early today so I'm writing this right now to do something... maybe I'll just ramble about the site for a bit.
I'm really enjoying working on it!! even if it's a bit of a struggle sometimes since my knowledge of html and css is really limited but I think I'm learning :D I'm super looking forward to working on the shrines I have in mind since I wanna share my almost useless knowledge on things I like with people!!! also looking forward to putting up my collections page so I can share all the video games I have :0 still unsure though if I only want to include my physical copies of things or also include my digital copies. I'll update this more later when I actually do stuff today lol

Sat. June 3rd, 2023

check check one two! here's to hoping this works because my first diary entry here is going to be a little silly lol. it's one of my favorite game character's birthday!! so happy birthday to deuce spade from disney's twisted wonderland!!!

I don't have much to write about right now, but maybe I'll add something to this later. I plan on keeping all my diary entries in my files, but I'm not sure how many I'll be able to display at one time :/ guess we'll see!
I have something to add! I made this diary a little more fancy using an iframe and another html page so now I can add images :0