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hi I'm


and this is my personal website. I'm very very new to making sites so it may be a little messy... this is actually my 3rd attempt to make this a working site so let's call it


or maybe


I think both are cute y'know!

I really like a lot of things and I'll be posting about them here! (also just because I like something doesn't mean I inherently support it because I do like some things that have a lot of issues)

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last update!

Wed. July 12th, 2023

index is being updated! don't mind the mess lol


  • decorating diary page
  • music/playlist?
  • kaito and meiko (vocaloid) shrine
  • harvest moon animal parade shrine
  • disney's twisted wonderland shrine? or maybe at least a heartslabyul shrine?
  • a place for others buttons!
  • pokemon shrine!!
  • something about amnesia: memories!!! still need to decide
  • (original) resident evil 4 leon s kennedy page for my gf :) (and me lol)

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Wed, July 12
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